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25/09/2013: Our Clients

Our clients are businessmen or tourists who are visiting the exciting city of Shanghai for work or pleasure, and wish to enhance their trip with a sexy and classy European woman.

Whether it be for a simple few hours in their hotel or a longer time together, the girls of Red Rose Companions will ensure they get the most out of their visit to Shanghai.

Who is our typical client?

60% of our clients are businessmen from outside China who are in Shanghai because they are sent by their company for work, or to negotiate some deal with a company in Shanghai. They could be American, British, Dutch, German, Japanese or from some other Western country, and want to enjoy the company of a beautiful European escort. Because Shanghai is such a cosmopolitan city, then it looks very acceptable in public to be seen with a European lady.

30% of our clients are tourists who are just visiting China for a few weeks, they normally spend a few days in Shanghai and they book one of our ladies as a guide for the duration of their trip. This is a great deal for them as the cost is relatively cheap and they can get a lot more out of their trip, and of course relax in style in their hotel room with a sexy Russian companion.

The last (but not least!) 10% are wealthy Chinese clients who wish to experience what is for them the exotic experience of a sexy time with a beautiful white European escort.

Why do our clients book escorts through us?

As the premier provider of European escorts in the area of Shanghai, we are trusted by our clients to provide a wide selection of European and Russian girls, to cater for their every requirement. Also they can rely on us to maintain absolute discretion and privacy, which is even more important than usual in the China market.

22/09/2013: How To Access All Websites in China

As you might be aware, it is not always possible to access escorting sites within China, or even to use Google to search for escorting-related keywords. Our advice for those coming to China is to make contact with us before you leave, and we can exchange contact details and finalize arrangements when you are in Shanghai.

However, we also know that this is not always possible, so here are some tips to access any site from China.

Test if your favourite sites work in China before you go

Before getting on the plane, you can check if your favourite sites work in China by visiting the Great Firewall of China website and entering any URL.

Use a Web Proxy

A web proxy is a website where you can enter the URL of another website and be taken to that website, where the Chinese only see you accessing the web proxy website. This can work but the Chinese find and block the web proxy websites, and even if they do not, the experience is very slow. This is not recommended but can be used as a last resort.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is the most reliable and fast option, although it can cost a few dollars per month. Most our clients use this option to access their favourite websites in China.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a secure encrypted tunnel between a computer and a server somewhere else in the world, which routes your web browsing through this remote server, and it is impossible for the Chinese to see what websites are being visited.

A good VPN will allow you to look as if you are many different countries, for example, the USA or the UK. You can even use a VPN to watch your favourite TV shows on software like Hulu or the BBC iPlayer wherever you are in the world.

You need to find a VPN (do a google search) before you go and install the software on your PC. The best is to search google for VPN and you will see a lot of them. Many of them will tell you how suitable they are for Chinese visitors.

Because the internet traffic has to travel between the website you are visiting, to the VPN server, and then to your computer, the speed can be a little slower, but video sites such as Youtube work very well.

Try and get a VPN which gives you access to servers in Hong Kong, as that will speed up web browsing in China, as the data has less far to travel.

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